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V PURCHASE AND SALES AGREEMENT. M 'EST""F- - ' ATE New Hampshire Association of REALTORS Standard Form REALTOR E5, ,',-,;,,*',,:,',,1*:;*; ... AGENT ), BUYER I has delivered, or I will deliver
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Good morning and happy new year well today is a January second so hopefully everybody is excited about the new year i know that i am 2015 i think is going to be a very promising year not only speaking personally and professionally but i think for our our greater economy and I real estate economy so today's I'm usually filled with optimism around the new year new Year's Day and thereafter but this year I feel that even a little additional optimism at least that's the way I'm feeling but I launched right into my feelings and I didn't even begin by introducing myself my name is Len Foy and I'm a real estate attorney in Nashua New Hampshire for those of you who have been watching my videos we have we have created and posted a series of videos informing people about purchasing real estate and I'm a real estate attorney and how I might be able to assist people and represent them and the benefits to using my office we've covered a range of subjects a diverse range of subjects deeds we've done a video on buying bank owned properties tips for buyers tips for sellers the closing process title insurance and we're just going to continue to make these videos and to try to cover additional subjects and because i'm a real estate attorney people frequently frequently will ask me you know at cocktail parties and barbecues and events and gatherings with friends and family members what what piece of advice can you give me i'm purchasing a piece of property or we're getting ready to put a property on the market what piece of advice can you give to me and it occurs to me that by virtue of specializing as i do or having a concentration in real estate and because i've been practicing real estate law for so long I've been practicing as an attorney for 20 years and in all that time I've been assisting clients with real estate matters both commercial and residential so I consider myself to be very experienced and so what I thought i would do today we're going to try to keep it we're going to try to keep it brief which we always fail to do or I always fail to do but i'm going to try but i'm going to try to just identify five tips great operate right out of the gate for the new years five tips for buyers and sellers of real estate i would say this is more residential but certainly most of what we're discussing here this morning could apply in a commercial context as well so i'm going to offer up five wonderful tips for buyers and sellers of residential real estate to start the new year off right and certainly if any if anyone has any questions or would like a free consultation or would like to talk to me in greater detail about the content of this video i'll i'll close with some contact information for myself in my firm so the first tip for buyers and sellers of residential real estate in this 2015 video is probably the tip that I feel the most passionately about hire a lawyer to represent you I can't stress that enough people have all kinds of excuses as to why not to use...